Today is my first lecture on LSM1102. I’m quite satisfied with it. Thanks to my senior, Dave, I have anticipated how bad the lecturer can be. Actually he is a nice person, but his speaking is so bad. He mixes between ‘l’ and ‘n’ sounds, like ppl usually do in some part of my country. He cannot express his ideas well. However, I am not frustrated, coz now I know what I should expect from him ^^. He is really more enthusiastic than the last lecturer on CM1121 >.<

What I am frustrated in is the way students react to his lecture. Some laugh, and even mimic his sentences. Oh man, look at him, I am sure that he is far over you. Don’t laugh. If he is not a good lecturer, he must be a good researcher. I’m sure he has a lot to teach you, apart from his modesty. At least in Vietnam we have the tradition to pay respect to our teachers. Believe me, a footballer can always laugh at a scientist because he cannot play football well enough.

I still enjoy the course material till now. Hope that I can still enjoy the CA later 😛

The guy who sat next to me, Edwin, is a nice & smart guy. Maybe we’ll have the chance to work together someday.

On the end of the day, some stretching makes me feel relaxed; and now, the dream is coming :))

Edit: oh, just forgot that today I saw a pretty girl T__T. OMG T__T. Carrying her to my dream.