— Especially for Zee —

Love affairs bring ups and downs. One day u feel deeply hurt. We call it 7love. It can be bcuz u can’t make someone love you, or worse, you separate with your appeared-to-be-true love.
Hurt, broken, tears, anger…
As a friend, I hope the sky would clear. You overcome the pain, and grow stronger.

I cannot tell you to forget everything at once. That’s simply impossible. While easing the pain, there are Dos and Donts for u. Those come from my experience. They may not be relevant to you, but if reading them makes you smile, I’ve already succeeded.

– Read sad popular stories these days. Simply for two reasons. Firstly, it would be a waste of time if u read them when u’re happy. Secondly, usually u’ll realize the stories are too ridiculous – even more silly than yours.

– Don’t listen to sad music. Music gives a wide range of interpretation, unlike the above stories. U may feel more depressed, and we – your friends – don’t want so.

– Write sth, or talk to someone. You can only refresh yourself if you’re open, to your friend, or to your diary…

– Don’t come up with any revenge ^^. At this time, you can easily hurt yourself by hurting your love.

– Don’t forget there’re still many people who care about you. Not in your way, but their own ways.

All the best.

PS: Hmm, sometimes I’m glad that I’m still single :P.