The CS3216 lecture today is one of the few lectures I enjoy in this module. The lecture is about the principles of open source – what are the reasons of it?

Coders make some codes based on free codes out there. The new codes become free codes. The cycle goes on and on. Companies offer software development and maintenance as well as other services.

Nice thing is that, coders don’t receive much money from the projects. The most basic thing – lines of code – comes from goodwill. Here is the miracle: a whole Operating System comes from goodwill.

Well, u might say that Linux is cheap, but not as strong as Windows. In fact, Google uses Linux. Oracle uses Linux. Changi airport uses Linux… Such a strong OS is built little by little out of goodwill.

Finally, I want to end with an amazing fact: only 1% of the open source projects are successful. Guess what, 99% of failure can be reused for future projects. Like the phoenix revive from the ash.