Wow, such a relief. I’ve done my presentation for CS2301. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

Maybe it’s one of the few right things I do this semester, sadly. Dunno how the grade will be, but at least I’m enjoying myself. There are times when ur mark is high but it’s not becuz u worked hard. There are also times when ur mark is not high, u work hard, juz that the course doesn’t suit u. But there’re sth that cannot be unrecognized. U know urself very sure when u’re satisfied with ur performance. U know u’re happy when u get the chance to meet nice friends, even the grade doesn’t go well.

Life is trial and error. I’m just trying not to be sad bcuz of errors, but happy bcuz I made trials.

Edited 080415:
Today I think about this semester. I guess I have found out what’s wrong with me this sem. For so long I have missed the feeling of satisfaction I used to have. However, it’s still worth trying to know what are my weak points. But is life that simple? Considering about one thing, you might like/dislike, do well/not well. But how to distinguish between the things with steep learning curve vs the things which are not for u.
Haha, seems like I have not tried enough. I have to pass the learning curve to say which are for me.