Yo guys (and gals), it's quite long since I last wrote sth related to my studying.Here it goes. Disclaimer: what I write here is juz for fun :->. But dun think it's fun for most of my frens, cuz you're not IT guys :(.

Mom says, the career chooses you. To what extent this is correct, well, I don't know. But really, as much as you can choose to study which module first before exams come, there are some choice you can still make in a seemingly fixed area. Computer science for instance.

One of the sub-field that I hate the most is computer engineering. If you are motivated by the smaller details that makes a system works; your table is a mess but you can still manage your life without considerable delays… I guess you maybe interested in the area. Say, do you want to spend a week considering whether one should implement an error check for the last digit of real number calculation in Intel's latest CPU; or do you want to add more pipelining to spend even more time eliminating hazards? It seems to my lecturer that, complexity is beauty.

Math geeks would love to do algorithms. To improve an O(N^3) algorithm to an O(N^2) algorithm, you get a PhD thesis, some money, and a scholar status. Good trade, rite? Be prepared to spend days bumping into walls, because, at least for computer engineering, they have chips to bumped into.

The small series of papers I read this sem start with information retrieval. Noticing that Altavista was not good enough, and one can serve better searching by indexing through the vast Internet environment, two (used to be) young fellows created a searching service. It turns out to be the most popular IT company nowadays – Google. You get to do things you like, and gain money & reputation. Juz that, you must be a good thinker, and a good coder to overcome the cold start.

Next is cryptography. This is even more mathematics. Number theory, I think. Sth to do with distributed programming also. Once there was a computer scientist asking a mathematician a question, and come up with a paper with that answer. The mathematician thinks that it's rubbish, but it turns out to be what everyone use to day: public key cryptography (RSA in particular). So, if you are willing to dig out thousands of mathematical theorems to find one useful thing, go ahead.

Gotta say that I like networking. Once there was a wireless network in Hawai. They setup protocols for it, tested, and redesign… Later it turns out to be one of the foundation for wireless network protocols. Food for thought: what happens when 100 in a conference room all use their handphones at the same time? Anw, the paper I got to read was about how features are placed among different layers of the Internet; and how congestion avoidance came into place, blah blah blah. You don't want that the guy next to your house use up all bandwidth causing the connection to congest, rite?

The one I read today was about animation. How ppl write script to make animations of fishes, birds… You are the Creator. You can decide how a predator acts, and how a prey acts. You decide how a male approach a female. It's like the film Matrix, but in a much more simplistic view. The author of the paper was… how to say. I expect that was a man, cuz usually all the papers I read were written by men. It turns out to be a lady. And this explains, because she paid good attention into small details that make her 3D world of fishes beautiful. She was able to combine the beauty of engineering equations with detailed observation & biology literature. With a love for creating beauty, she wrote:
"It is intriguing to watch some of the male artificial fish's attempts fail because of an inappropriate approach angle which triggers the avoiding-fish response."
Well, you can still choose to be artistic sometimes, don't ya?

Last but most important is my major ;)). I may get to know how proteins fold using computational models… I may get to find important genes using statistic models… I may also create diagnosis strategies by writing systems that take the output of instruments in… I have so many choices. Worst thing is that I'm left with no time to make a choice. Gotta have to make one soon :P.

Anw, these days I'm quite ok with my studying. I love the fact that I have choices. When tired with computer science report, I study life science. When tired with life science, I take probability as a mean of escaping the world of uncertainty. Should have been writing a paper summary instead of this entry, but it's okay. Why should I abandon my right of choosing?

But really, after writing all the nonsense stuff above, I miss you, dear. Want to hold you so much. You sound tired these days. Gotta treat yourself right, kay? Love you.