Trích từ thư gửi toàn trường của "NUS Influenza Task Force"

– As you may already know, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has raised the alert level to Phase 5. Phase 5 is characterized by human-to-human spread of the virus to at least two countries in one WHO region…the Ministry of Health (MOH) has upgraded the Disease Outbreak Response System Alert status from Yellow to Orange.

the University is suspending all official overseas travel for staff and students from today to 15 May 2009

-Students who are returning from affected areas (e.g. Mexico, the states of New York, California, Kansas and Texas in the United States and the state of Nova Scotia in Canada) are advised to stay at home for 7 days upon return and check themselves for symptoms of Mexican Swine Influenza.

To help prevent the possible spread of influenza, please continue to practise good personal hygiene.

níu muh ở nhà thì sức mấy ta quan tâm đến cái này.