Mình xin lỗi vì mấy hôm nay toàn blog bằng tiếng Anh, nhưng bài này thì có một số vấn đề chuyên môn nên sẽ ko viết = tiếng Việt. Btw, trình độ tiếng Việt của mình tiến bộ chứ ko có thụt lùi đâu đây nhé :P.

8.30 am, woke up, not very well with consistent sneezing. Decided to stay home until feeling better.

9.00 am, read lecture note & answer question. Complete coding Bean’s question on Unix command.

10.00 am, have breakfast & read poem.

10.30 am, went to school. Heavy rain outside. Had Mr Lenn driving to school. Lucky me. His family is nice.

11.00 am, in school, listening to seminar.

  1. Predicting unstable protein chains. Work under question.
  2. Diagnosing cancer by exon microarray. Work under progress. Note: Fiding isoforms using RMA
    Q: domains are seen in same proteins, hence, co-expression of exons would be universal bringing problem to this approach.
    Resolution: look at the probes, see which one is more likely to be cross-hybridized & eliminate them from array.
    Q: randomized process seems to give results with very low p-value???
  3. Lecturer’s English sucks. I’ll read stories.

Then I moved on to the next lecture. Sadly, he’s not as good as the previous lecturer. Btw, forgot to say that the buffet for lunch was nice. Especially when I didn’t have to queue as always.

After the long and boring LSM2102 ended, we went on to meet for CS2103 group project. Christoffer turns out to be a very nice guy to work with. If every Swedish student was just as good as him, I would not wonder how their contry went so far. Haiz.

Now I’m home, yay!