People speak to God, “You made me; why let me die?”
“It’s just the way everything goes”, said God.

From a lifespan of 40-50, now people grows to 60-70. And the aging barrier seems to be pushed continuously, as more and more medical research is being directed at this area. Will it come to an end?

One day God asks himself, “I control everything. There’s nothing like me – nothing immortal. Should I let human be so? They’ll share the boredom I have.”

The smart people reject being immortal. Yes, they seek happiness; and happiness comes from new things. How can things be new when you have lived long enough to explain every change in this world? And then they ask, “How long should I live?”

“Which price would you pay?”, answers God.

Really, life is about experience. Experience shortens life, as new things contain risks.

Put that aside. That was what I’ve been thinking. I prefer to die with things achieve, than to live doing nothing. Biologically, we all melt down everyday. Why don’t we just try to prove our existence? Each day your cells got attacked by bacteria, heat shock, radioactivity, acid rains, sun light… Each day your nerve cells are stressed by tons of information, by surprise, happiness, and sadness. One day scientists come up and say, okay, now I’ll bypass the cell’s age checking mechanism and let you live for long without aging. You live a while more, and panick to find out all kinds of cancers on your body. The scientists then work endlessly to eliminate those disease for you. You live a while more, and panick to find out that your brain comes to a limit. You cannot absorb anymore. The scientists work harder, and give you a way to clean up your memories, and let you live on. Now you hesitate. You ask them, can I live a new life?

Well, life is precious because you can only live it once. And because you can only live it once, value it! Every moment!