This is more of a tech report, so I write it in English.

Firstly, check this vid out in case you haven’t.

In short, in this age of information, not a single day pass by when you do not look for information: places to eat, nice clothes, look for job, how to take care of babies… Especially when the amount of information available becomes larger by days.

Ehrm, not really, by seconds, I would say. Twitter is an example that provides up to second scale information. And when twitter goes searchable, it’s the available information for everyone goes to a new level.

China earthquake

Now search engines are so powerful that they come back and manipulate our society. Imagine, if one set up a web page and it never turns up on a search engine, the web page is virtually non-existent.

Well, let’s wait and see what’s coming up next. Possibly that’s when search goes images & videos.