Exam is nearly through. Now is time to make new goals. Yay!

  • CS3225: EM algo & Cystic Fibrosis dataset, lecture notes revise
  • Warm up coding for Google Code Jam: TopCoder + past problems. Refer to Pragmatic Programmer
  • Hack a few levels
  • Mozilla project: test case reduction, find a suitable bug, learn the structure of the project
  • Read “Intro to Info theory” & “Pragmatic Programmer”
  • Continue UROP: implement idea; examine sample CHIp-CHIP datasets; see José & return his songbook; try along Prof Wong’s idea
  • Construct my own website: research on host & cloud computing
  • Get a good rendition of “Better man” & filter out my song list
  • Continue with Introduction to Algorithms; parallel algorithm first
  • Gather Chinese-Vietnamese corpus; look at Apertium & Moses
  • JSP/Struts: deploy a Hello World application
  • Learn Chinese
  • Teach my brother – review syllabus, organize questions, email some schools
  • Driving license
  • Go visit granny
  • Travel Singapore, visit friends
  • Pack things to bring back to VN

I had hard time sorting them by preference. Maybe I’ll just leave them there for completeness’ sake.