If you stay in Singapore, it’s a cool night, and you are bored, mutton curry is just too good to miss.

Absolutely, to meet the above conditions it won’t be any usual occasion. Mutton curry is also not a thing I usually have.

For a whole day working inside my room talking a few sentences from dawn till twilight, and the tiredness brings boredom, steamed chicken rice is the least favoured dinner. It tastes so “everyday” that you can imagine finishing the whole dish, go back to the room, lying down the bed and call it a day.

What a day! So I called for mutton curry to warm it up. The cook looked friendly with much liveliness. Most of the time he’ll be there chatting with a customer until someone calls something.

The dish came out with single color to go with my boredom, but authentic smell to bring up curiosity. Take a piece of mutton, soak it in curry,… well, I won’t be able to describe, since now my tougue is troubled with saliva. The curry itself consists of many spices which are representative of Indian food. It brought me on a tour to explore. A hard fail of guessing ingredients would even make me more satisfied, and the boredom chased away.

Some day you find the world around boring, with the same trees, same work, same people. But in my stomach now is the proof for a little surprise that is a walk away. And it’s hot.