… I wrote this:

This morning I walked out from home at 11. Conveniently going through the blocks, my mind was still wandering about school work. I crossed the road as the light turned green. There were a line of trees awaiting me on the other side.

At the very moment I walked under the tree, everything was just right. I couldn’t hope for a better morning at the time. Yesterday it rains. Today it’s sunny, but not so much. You do not have to shiver nor sweat. Your skin is not irritated by the rain, wind, or sunshine. In the air there is the slightest trace of rain from yesterday. It makes everything fresh but not so gloomy. And over my head the sun was bright enough to make the sky blue with white clouds wandering around.

Then I remember that I have encountered such instances, but there were always bugs flying around. They made me feel that it’s more like their moment than my moment.

10 seconds later, I walked across the road. The cloud moves, and it is sunny again. That moment is over, but it reminds me that there are hidden treasures in everyday life that we live for.