Reporting from Incheon Airport with free public wifi.

It’s 8:40 local time, and I have 1hr more until boarding. The next flight heads up to Atlanta, where I’ll transit once more to the final destination – Providence, RI.

A bit tired from lack of sleep, but my condition is generally good. Met several nice people. Incheon airport is beautiful. Ok, I’ll get some picture. It’s simple and elegant, the design here.

KoreanAir flight attendants are cute. They’re tall with very nice skin. Some have cute faces, too.

I sat next to two ladies. One is doing nails in US. Another is studying finance, while her husband working. Both got to US with help from their family member, which is the most common method for Vietnamese to come to US. They are both very nice. They talked a lot, and gave me quite some first hand information. Interesting, but of course still tiredsome with my eyes so heavy. Oh, the airport just got its lights turned off. Nice! Tan Son Nhat got all of its electricity turned off though.

Now gotta report back to my family before taking some pictures. What a long flight. And I’m all alone. With some care from home to carry with.