It took me quite some time to get a working new project in a separate directory. The new_project_msvc7.bat is outdated, and new_project.wsf does not work correctly. After a few trials, I decided to fix new_project.wsf. When you run new_project blah blah blah as instructed, it would say that some files in the weird paths do not exist, and then stop. So what you can do here is to read the new_project.wsf, look for the error messages, and go upstream of the code and fix the variables to the correct directory path. Cheers.


Once you start to use NCBI library, add the dependencies to the “additional dependencies”, as well as their corresponding folder to the directories for dependencies. The program may also looks for .dll files, which can either be copied to the working directory, or set path variables.

In my case, I didn’t know why VS still cannot find .lib files even though I have given it the names and the directories to look for. So what I did was to specify the path\name together instead of just names.