I happen to find a bunch of mms://…wma links. I got some bad experience with different downloaders. They are not compatible with all kinds of streams, and I’m reluctant to try installing a new bunch.

So I tried using VLC Player to load those links. Of course Windows Media Player works, too, but it doesn’t support capturing/saving/converting the streams. VLC does, by the way.

To my surprise, it has a good development community and underlying features for geeks. Now I can just write a batch files of hundreds of lines like this:

vlc -I dummy -v “mms://webcast.cri.cn/en/chinese/studio/lesson120.wma” :demux=dump :demuxdump-file=lesson120.wma “vlc://quit”

“-I dummy” is to open up a dummy interface instead of the real one. “-v” determines the level of verbose displayed by the interface. “vlc://quit” signals the program to exit after finish doing the first job. You may just as well replace it by another job, say, loading another stream.

A more involved approach would be to load the .dll files of their library. But for now this is sufficient.