This guy (Lucidending) fought against cancer for about some time, until it’s so painful that he decided to give up. So he opened a page on reddit, and it’s like a 24 hours Q&A session before he was injected with some poison to die painlessly. He wished that he had more time to travel, so people all over the world posted pictures from where they live to share with him. Besides so many greetings, I post here a few questions and answers that stick to my head. Hopefully they would do good to you, too.

On Tuesday I’ll finally end my battle with cancer thanks to Oregon’s Death with dignity act. As part of my preparations I’ve ended my pain medication and am trying to regain what little dignity and clarity I can.

Who I was doesn’t matter. I’m in pain, I’m tired and I’m finally being granted a small shred of respect. Feel free to AMA if you’re so inclined.

Fondest memories?
Seeing my nephew beat cancer. He had it as a child and the doctors at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia cured it. 9 years and it never came back. A close second, the summer my dad and I saw a baseball game in every AL city.

How long have you been fighting cancer?
For 6 years. It’s now spread to my brain and I just can’t do more surgeries.
Hi stranger, this is really hard for me to say, but we found out that my brothers cancer spread to his brain on Monday. He has a couple of months yet but not long. I want you to know that I am grieving for you, and for my brother. I hope the end is all you want it to be.

Are you scared of dieing? Are you scared of being dead?
Terrified, but I won’t ever tell my family that. I hope it doesn’t hurt

HEY GUYS! I did something awesome… I think. It’s a Google Map. That virtual world tour everyone check in on I made a map of it! So… Here’s the URL, Lucid’s Global Friends Anyone can add a pushpin and edit the map and invite other collaborators. So if you posted in the virtual world tour thread then add your pushpin! Perhaps Lucidending might take a look through all the places he got friends and use Streetview to see what his friends might have taken him to see! Add descriptions of neat things in your area or interesting stories about places. Hopefully Nitrousconsumed might send this along his way. Have fun and good luck redditors!
Edit: Click on edit in Google Maps to make a pin. It’s in the upper left corner of the map. Pin it on the map where you want then click the pin to add a description. Lots of people are editing the title and description. The problem being that all those additions are being overwritten by other people who aren’t aware of how to add a pin. In other words, lots of awesome places and notes are being lost because of Google Maps inability to lcok in the Title and Description!
Edit 2: Someone moved all the pins on the first page to Australia. So I’ve removed open editing for the time being to move all the pins back to where they should be. It won’t take me long as it’s only the pins on the first page that have been affected. Thanks for your patience it should be back and open again in just a little while!
Edit 3:The pin moving is OVER! I re-instated open editing BUT the map will only be open until 1AM EST time! SO get in there while you can. After that lets hope someone gets in contact with Lucid or we use our awesome brains to find him ourselves.
Final Edit: I’ve ended the open editing on the map. Currently there are over 24 pages of locations with approximately 200 entries PER PAGE! Amazing right!?! Thanks to all the redditors who added there places, stories and awesome. I’ll never delete the map so if his family wants to see where we might’ve taken Lucid they can do so also. Also if you have Google Earth you can export the .kml file that will list all the locations listed on the page and import them.
-Wow…I’m from the original team that built this feature of Google Maps. I’ve seen a lot of uses for My Maps, but none more touching than this one. Good luck, Lucidending.

Goodbye, stranger.
Happy to have shared some time alive with you. Thanks for shifting electrons so that we could feel your existence.

What are you having for your last meal?
Jello. I don’t want to mess myself ever again. It’s one of the dignities I’ve lost that I plan to reclaim
Ouch. Perspective is a bitch.
I’ve got nothing to ask. Your attitude is – well, I don’t have any words good enough to describe it. I’ll just smoke you a kipper, in the hopes that you’ll be back for breakfast.
What flavor?
Yes, what flavor? Then we can all go buy that flavor and eat it with you.
My good friend had cancer, and when she was in Hospice she sent me a text (she also had lymphoma). It said “It’s official. Wearing an adult diaper.” It’s one of her last texts to me, and despite it being a really weird one, I can’t bring myself to delete it at all.
I hope you go very peacefully. People are going to appreciate those letters.

Other than answering our questions, what are you going to spend your last hours doing? And most of all, good luck, my friend. May you have the peace you deserve.
I’m going to live. This is as close to travel and meeting new people as I can get now. I’m sorry if that sounds dumb but this is my world tour
Then people start to bring in pictures from all over the place

Mate, I am ShaneR from Australia. Here, I’ve lined up a row of schooners on the bar, now mate, you are going to drink every fucking one of those schooners as fast as you can, run to the street, spew your guts up, and come back for more laughing your head off cos you don’t even know why you’d do such a fucked up dumb thing like that but… you will feel alive and have mates laughing and spewing alongside you. There, you’ve been to Australia. 🙂 Mate, live it to the last second. Cheers.

You’ll be in my thoughts. A lot of people oppose death with dignity, labeling them “doctor assisted suicide”. Do you have any words that might convince people who oppose it why you chose this option? Thanks for taking some of your last moments to talk to us.
Yes, I do. Why do they oppose peoples right to not suffer? It takes numerous doctors to get here ensuring no one uses this option recklessly. My care is a huge burden to my loved ones, and it’s not fair to position your suspicions over their realities. And yes, religion is at best a suspicion. None of us knows…

I’m reading this on my phone so haven’t seen all comments so apologies if this has been asked already. There’s an AMA going on started by someone who plans to commit suicide in the next few days. What, if anything would you say to him to try and get him to rethink things? I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. It’s not of much significance but I’ll be thinking of you. Best wishes.
I would tell him that it’s not living that’s failed him, it’s life. We can always change our life as long as were living. He’s addressing the wrong issue

what message or lesson would you like to give to us and the rest of the world
That nothing we have is worth hurting anyone else for. It’s all fleeting people. Stop seeing race, color, sex, religion, etc…. Theyre all just people, and if you try to love them you won’t lose anything.
Who else wants this quote written everywhere and on everything?
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Another question: Why Tuesday and not, say, Friday?
My sisters birthday is the 18th, and she won’t spend it in a hospital or at a service.

To Lucidending,
I lost my 23 year old brother to brain cancer, five years ago. He was medicated until his last breath and could not communicate, move around, eat, laugh, or even cry. Prior to him losing his ability to communicate, though his ability was rather impaired, the only time he did cry was when we (his family) were doing wound care. Through tears, he apologized to us for “having to care for him”. Last year, I lost my mom to lung cancer. After watching my brother go through with it, she decided that she did not want us caring for her. She went through double radiation and chemo, and after she found out it had spread to her brain (she decided to stop treatment). The last words I heard my brother say were “I’m sorry”. The last words I heard my mother say (because she did not want us caring for her) was over the phone and it was “Oh no, Oh no” (she was having a seizure). I want to tell you, that you are an absolutely BEAUTIFUL person, who does not have a damn thing to be ashamed of. I was PROUD to care for my brother. My one regret, is that I did not get to care for my mother as well. It was a PRIVILEGE to be by his side. I do not know you, but I understand you, and I love you.
If you see my mom, can you please tell her I am sorry I was not there with her in her last days. Tell her I love her and I miss her and there is not one second of the day that I don’t think of her.
If you see my brother, can you thank him for me. Thank him for allowing me to stand by his side, to love him, to care for him, to know him. Please tell him that I miss him showing up unannounced to my house to find out what I was cooking for dinner. I miss them so much. You Lucidending, will be missed as well. With Love and Adoration, Peace be with you my friend.

Did you create any sort of “bucket list”. If so, how did it progress?
One, have a child of my own and I failed. I really would like to have seen the Northern Lights too
Here’s a series of pictures from Fairbanks, Alaska in Chena Ridge. It’s not the same as being there… but it’s still nice to look at.
I live in Iceland, they shine here all the time. The next time I see them I will think of you.
Strange how something you take for granted is something another person would like most to see before they check out.
It is great that you can depart with dignity, Oregon is truly one of the better states. Rest easy friend.

any regrets?
Yes, one. I bought my high school sweetheart an engagement ring and never gave it to her. Life happened, meaning in was dumb. I went in the military after a dumb fight and…. Yeah just one
what’s your proudest moment?
Finishing my masters degree, from a hospital bed. First person in my family to get one!
Fuck. You have just inspired me to tell my significant other that I’m in love with her.
I just tried to give mine a hug, but he’s playing COD so… well. I tried.
Do it anyways. My girlfriend is 100 km away. LDRs suck. 😦