Below is the third reform of Danish education which takes place 20 years ago, and I don’t know when Vietnamese education can arrive at this point. Not any time in my foreseeable future :sad.

From the book “Education and the Scandinavian Welfare State in the Year 2000, Equality, Policy, and Reform”

The third reform was the 1993/94 … around 400 million Danish crowns were used to finance more than 8000 projects… experiences from these projects were summarized in 26 evaluation reports, which constituted an important source of background material for the reform….

The law has 4 fundamental features

  1. The last traces of two-level teaching are removed, as it is no longer possible to teach subjects in 8-10th grade at, respectively, a ‘high’ and a ‘low’ level (and thereby implicitly sorting the pupils). Instead teaching is supposed to be individualized on the basis of ‘plans of action’ for the individual pupil.
  2. Teaching is supposed to be cross-disciplinary to a much greater extent, and pupils are expected to work more on projects, especially in 8-10th grade.
  3. Evaluation of each pupil is to be a permanent process, which will take place through dialogue, tests, etc., and form the basis for the ‘plan of action.’
  4. The minimum number of weekly lessons taught is increased, and especially linguistic skills in Danish are given a higher priority.