Now and then I discovered some interesting recipes. My friend, Nhat, cooked me this dish another day, then I made it twice adding my own twists, and this time it really clicks.

  1. Onion rings + little olive oil, small fire to make the onion soft n sweet.
  2. Mushroom cut into little pieces and pour in with onion. Medium fire.
  3. Butter to combine their smell gently.
  4. A bunch of shrimps, mussels, and some tomato slices to the ratio you like. Medium fire
  5. Season with salt and pepper while the pot still have liquid from the shrimp
  6. Big fire until the whole thing turns into a sauce-like substance with dancing seafood.
  7. Finally, serve with fresh pasta, no extra sauce needed.

In my case the dish tastes of seafood, then butter, then mushroom, then pasta, and then seafood again.