You can tell when I’m stressed: that’s when I do not post on this blog. My first job was kind to me, but still, I almost stressed myself to burning out. Leaving that aside…

Last week I had an idea that instead of a fixed wallpaper, I’ll generate a new wallpaper everyday from world news. After some thoughts, I decided to take world news from 4 sources: bbc, newyorktimes, reddit and google news. Their rss are parsed, and urls are visited. Certain effort is spent avoiding non informative images such as banners and buttons. Then I tried to pick a few pictures (automatically) and lay them out on a single wallpaper (in a 3-column layout). It looks like this:

Of course you would wonder the meaning of each image, and possibly which article they are from. The code therefore generate an html page with relevant summaries and references. Sometimes I enjoyed the html page even more. That’s when you realize that you’re constantly bombarded with so much text and irrelevant images online.

The code is available for your tweaking, here. See run.bat for the running instruction.