This is a powerful movie that you can only bump into once in a while. No surprise, as it comes from the directors of “Little Miss Sunshine”. In one movie, you get a full range of tastes: cheesy, teeny, funny, warm, mistery, cold, fear, relief, philosphy, optimistic…
I enjoyed the movie in at least 3 ways.

It reminds me of my dream girl, and how I have appreciated her as a real girl.

It gives a peek into the relationship between writers and their imagination. It’s also worth noting that the main actress was also the writer.

It highlights the difficulties of a programmer getting laid. He’d try to give a specs, and have some program that delivers the specs, even though it turns out to be broken in the end.

Me and Dung both really enjoyed the movie. Dung recommends it to the ones who like to ponder. Well, most of my friends do, so I’d recommend this to everyone of you. If you’ve been in love, it’ll give you a sneak peek. If you have, it’d surely remind the first time your imagination about love was broken.