… mãi không được hát…

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và thế là
hoặc ở đây.


Playlist for midnight

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Today I was tired and bored. I played quietly, hence did not record. Anw, here goes the playlist.. And this is a rare occasion that I actually played without looking at anything else.


Song from a Secret Garden

When you say nothing at all

Over and over

Cô bé mùa đông


Ngẫu nhiên

The way I am

Love story

You are my sunshine

PS: the picture is a random image result for “Color of Night”. I was surprised by those results T_T.

Blue Moon


Cho những người bạn của tôi… Có bao giờ bạn vòng đôi tay quanh gối, nhìn lên mặt trăng và tự hỏi… ngoài kia có tâm hồn nào dành riêng cho bạn hay không…



There are times when you only like a song after listening it twice, or more. This one is the second time I notice that. Last time was with Moonlight Sonata.

In the first melody verse, a memory is recalled, with fresh light everywhere. Now it’s redrawn several times to get more details. Now it starts to get deeper, and gradually, more reluctant… It’s still the same image, but transformed according to the way you see it.

You carefully rethink again, and found something weird. Some detail you missed, a piece of surprise in that bitter, sweet, sour memory which makes you smile. Tastes are all now blended. Things are seen in a neutral point of view.

After thinking enough, you’ve decided to close up those memories to live on. And you open your eyes. The memory is passed.

Watch here

By My Side

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So long I have not posted any song. This one is for my girl.

Welcome to Windows


Bài này nghe lâu rồi, không hiểu sáng nay dậy nghe lại thích :)). Lúc trước chỉ thấy lạ thôi.

Đôi khi lặp lại không có nghĩa là nhàm chán…

Welcome to Windows

Quê Nhà

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:"> tự nhiên thích hát.